About Us

FreeF’all Sundays has been called the “The Best Open Mic in the City.” It is created and hosted by Steve York (Mercy Flight) and Tony Rabalao (Leh-Lo) in Toronto.

This is a weekly music party and community, where people come together to perform, share their love of music, network and connect. The “FreeF’all Family” has grown over the years and attracts performers, of all styles, from all over the world.

For Players: 

This is a music event only. Performers can play one or two songs, up to 10 minutes including set up time. House instruments are available to use with a full backline provided. We encourage musicians to use our equipment for quicker set up. Don’t bring your amps or drums. We can accommodate full bands, and have drums, basses, guitars, keys, direct lines, mics and a great sound man and sound system.

For Audiences:

Everyone is welcome. Come listen, dance, and enjoy a great night, whether or not you play music. ps The kitchen is open until 10:00pm, the food is awesome and Steamwhistle is on sale for $4.00 at the bar!